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Promote The Transformation And Upgrading Of Linyi Plywood Industry And Create a New Plywood Industrial Pattern

On the morning of May 26, the forum for Soliciting Opinions on the investigation report on the development of the city's plywood industry was held in Lanshan district. Municipal and district leaders liuxianjun, wangjunshi and Shenling attended.

During the discussion, the participants had in-depth exchanges around the investigation report on the development of the city's plywood industry, and put forward their opinions and suggestions.

The meeting pointed out that the plywood industry is one of the important traditional industries in Linyi city. It has the characteristics of large industrial scale, many types of plywood products, great regional influence, complete plywood industrial chain and high social benefits. It is a pillar industry to enrich the people and revitalize the city. All levels and relevant departments should accurately grasp the development trend of the industry, focus on solving problems such as low level of plywood industrial structure, unbalanced enterprise echelons, low plywood product grade, lack of enterprise management and technical personnel, insufficient capacity release, etc., have a clear target in terms of plywood industrial structure, plywood development direction, policy measures, safeguard measures, etc., and promote industrial transformation and upgrading. It is necessary to clarify the industrial positioning and thinking objectives, adhere to the principles of market orientation, planning first, plywood standard guidance and diversified business types, effectively promote the construction of the park, create a carrier platform, strictly enforce access standards, achieve standardized development, cultivate backbone enterprises, cultivate industry leaders, build and strengthen the chain, and create an upgraded version of the wood industry.

The meeting stressed that it is necessary to give further play to the basic advantages of existing plate production, segment the market, customize, occupy the commanding heights of the industry, build the first "China's packaged plate production base" and consolidate and improve the brand connotation of "China's plate city" and "China's wood industry city" with the direction of perfect packaged plate procurement, production and distribution chain.

We should adhere to the principle of building first and then breaking down, focus on the development of large and small enterprises, coordinate the development of large, medium and small enterprises, upgrade the echelon of high, medium and low plywood products, and strengthen the whole plywood chain of upstream, middle and downstream; Focus on the park, promote integration, focus on the leader, strengthen the pull, focus on projects, adjust the structure, focus on platforms and optimize services, strive to expand the industrial scale, optimize the industrial structure, improve the development level and comprehensive competitiveness, build a new industrial pattern of "Wood Industry Park + packaged plate base + fast and efficient logistics", and create new advantages in Linyi plywood industry.

Post time: Jun-23-2022