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Oversized Film Faced Plywood Will Be Put Into Production In Singda

In order to meet customer needs, Pingyi Singda Wood Industry Co., Ltd. will purchase advanced equipment in 2024 to produce oversized film faced plywood.

The new production line will produce E0 glue or WBP phenolic glue film faced plywood in various colors, hexa anti-skid film, checkered anti-skid film and smooth film are all available, we will mainly provide plywood in eucalyptus core, full birch core, poplar core, ect.

Pingyi Singda Wood Industry Co., Ltd. will try our best to meet the needs of more customers, change the price monopoly situation of some companies, and greatly reduce customers’ procurement costs. Let us look forward to the launch of Shengda’s new production line of film faced plywood.


Birch-Black-Anti Skid-Honeycomb_副本

Post time: Jan-10-2024